Allergy Testing and Immunotherapy

Pets can suffer from allergies just like people. And just like people, some suffer worse than others.  If your pet suffers from:

  • Excessive and constant scratching and/or face rubbing
  • Excessive hair loss with red, irritated skin
  • Chronic ear infections
  • Excessive biting or chewing at his/her skin or feet
  • Recurring skin infections

...he or she may be suffering from allergies.  In general, there are three ways to help your pet:

Avoidance: remove or avoid the environmental allergens that your pet is exposed to–this is most effective for flea and food allergies.

Symptomatic: treat the clinical symptoms until they come back. This may include antihistamines and steroids. Remember this may treat the symptoms but doesn’t really treat the underlying cause of your pet’s problem.

Immunotherapy: treatment designed to build your pet’s immunity through injections specifically formulated for your pet’s sensitivities based on results from a geographically specific allergen panel–this is most effective for environmental allergies but not recommended for food or flea allergies.

If your pet suffers form allergies and you would like to discuss and explore a treatment option, including allergy testing and immunotherapy, please call for an appointment.