Behavioral Counseling

Did you know that behavioral problems are the most common cause of death of pets in the United States?  The reason is because millions of pets are euthanized, either by their owners or at animal shelters, because of behavioral issues.

Although behavior problems can be extremely frustrating for owners and lead to the deterioration of the bond between owners and their pet, it is important to remember that there are two key components to a behavioral program: prevention of behavioral problems in young animals; and treatment of existing behavior problems in animals of all ages.

At Nokomis Pet Clinic our goal is to keep pets a valuable member of their family by providing professional services and educating owners about animal behavior. Once an owner understands why their pet may exhibit a certain behavior, treatment plans (that may or may not include medication) can be started and the bond between pet and owner can be restored and strengthened. For specialized or extreme cases that may require advanced behavioral training, we can also help schedule an appointment with a board certified veterinary behaviorist.