Prescription Foods

Nokomis Pet Food carries Hill’s, Royal Canine and Purina prescription diets. The foods we generally have in stock include:


  • Feline c/d (dry)
  • Feline c/d (canned, both seafood and chicken)
  • Feline k/d (canned and dry)
  • a/d (canned, for dogs and cats)
  • Canine t/d (dry)
  • Canine j/d

Royal Canine

  • Feline Urinary SO (canned and dry)
  • Feline Renal LP (dry and semi-moist pouch)
  • Feline Dental DD (dry)
  • Canine Dental DS 23 (Small Breed)
  • Canine Whitefish and Potato


  • Feline DM (dry)
  • Feline Urinary UR (dry)
  • Feline Renal NF (dry)

If you need a prescription diet not listed, feel free to contact us–we can order other prescription diets as needed.